Carnegie Village Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

Senior Rehabilitation in Belton

Lotus Surgery Recovery & Rehabilitation

Healing the Body & Spirit

Lotus integrates high-quality conventional health care with holistic wellness programming.

Joint replacement and orthopedic injuries | Stroke and neurological conditions
Pulmonary impairment | Post-surgical recovery and wound care

Therapy Gym Made for Seniors

Our senior rehabilitation in Belton uses specially designed therapy practices to ensure you or your loved one exercise safely, no matter the age or physical condition.

We incorporate strength-building exercises using HUR™ equipment designed to enhance the recovery process. In addition, with LiteGait equipment and training, our patients and residents improve mobility and strength in a fall-safe environment. Recovery outcomes improve with our state-of-the-art senior rehabilitation in Belton.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Carnegie Village’s senior rehabilitation in Belton offers a purposeful approach to recreation activities. Research shows that participants have a higher success rate when they engage in our multi-dimensional approach to health and wellness.

Our programs create a more nitrated, therapeutic approach to wellness across all services, including:

  • Therapy
  • Nursing
  • Social services
  • Traditional recreational activities

Your furnished private bath & suites

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Carnegie Village Rehabilitation & Health Care Center is located on the same campus as our senior living community.