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Seven Best Indoor Activities for Seniors

The winter months bring fewer hours of sunlight and freezing temperatures, tempting most of us to stay in bed, under the covers for as long as possible each day. This is the time of year when most waking hours are spent indoors and people tend to reduce their social engagements. For those who are caregivers for elderly loved ones, this time of year is also complicated by the need to find entertaining activities that can take place inside.

Looking for unique activities for seniors that go beyond watching TV or reading a book is challenging, but necessary for maintaining positive spirits and good health during this time.

The Importance of Staying Active

While it may be typical for people of all ages to feel bored being stuck at home during the winter months, boredom can be more than a feeling – it can be a health hazard. When weather and health risks combine to make socializing difficult, ongoing bouts of boredom can cause depression, as well as feelings of anxiety and anger.

According to the National Institute of Aging (NIA), feelings of boredom can also lead to fatigue and reduced activity levels. The NIA reports that fatigue in older adults can be a health risk and encourages seniors to remain active, especially considering the added impact of the social restrictions based on COVID-19 safety protocols.

What Games are Suitable for the Elderly?

When looking for ideas to fight the fatigue of endless hours inside, you may wonder how to select the right activity for your elderly loved one. It is important to ensure the activity you select is right for your situation. Take into account the space you have, the number of participants, the abilities of the participants and the time you want to fill. When considering what activity is right for your elderly loved one, select options that are:

  • Enjoyable and engaging
  • Safe and sharable
  • Educational
  • Entertaining

Indoor Activities for Seniors

Here are some suggestions for indoor activities for seniors that are engaging and can be done alone or as a group:

  1. Senior card games. These games can be fun for all ages. From Crazy Eights to Euchre or Solitaire, it is easy to find the rules to games for players ranging from a single player to a large group.
  2. Scrapbooking. Today’s technology makes it easy to record every moment, which means everyone has access to a lot of pictures. Creating photobooks or scrapbooks is a great way to relive memories and create a document of experiences that can be saved for generations.
  3. Family Trees. Building a family tree can be a small or large project, completed alone or with others. The research involved is challenging and the stories learned can create new family folklore.
  4. Brain games. Learning opportunities can be both fun and educational. Games, such as Sodoku, are said to improve memory and create feelings of relaxation. Either online or in books, crossword puzzles are also great for flexing mind muscles. Puzzles fall into this category, as well, and can be completed alone or as a group!
  5. Board games. These come in every shape and size – from classic to brand new, there is a game with a theme and skill level for any and every player. Board games are usually best for at least two players or a small group.
  6. Arts and crafts. Brainstorming and creating are great ways to keep spirits up. They offer an outlet for the imagination and can put energy to good use. There are many suggestions for crafts for seniors at your local craft store, or this is a great place to get started.
  7. Yoga. Stretching and strength building are vital for maintaining good health during long periods indoors. There are videos online to follow along or books to get you started.

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