Senior living residents in group fitness class

Alleviating Senior Back Pain at Home

Back pain is common in adults of any age – but especially common in older adults. If you experience back pain, you don’t have to skip out on the activities you love. There are many exercises you can do at home to get stronger along with stretches that can help relieve back pain. In this blog, we’ll discuss the root causes of pain and offer exercises and stretches for back pain in seniors.

How Can Seniors Strengthen Their Back?

According to Healthline, back pain is the second most common cause for a visit to the doctor’s office. But unlike other health concerns, back pain is often caused by mechanical issues. In other words, the way we use our bodies day-to-day can be the main driver of back pain. The good news is that – unless your pain is caused by severe arthritis or other degenerative conditions – you may be able to do something about it on your own.

Muscular weakness or imbalance is a major contributor to back pain. Getting stronger – especially strengthening your lower back – can work as a preventative measure to fight the root causes of your discomfort. And many exercises can be done without equipment, anywhere you have access to a carpeted floor, bed or soft mat. Watch this video for a quick rundown of senior-friendly exercises.

The Importance of Stretching

Strength is only part of the equation for fighting back pain in older adults. Flexibility is naturally at its peak during childhood – and from then, many of us neglect this vital aspect of our health. And if you’re like many, you spent decades sitting in an office chair before retirement – just think of all the tension you’re probably carrying.

Whether you’re able to do the strength exercises for your lower back and core, it’s easy to add a regimen of chair stretches to your routine. Try this one. All you’ll need is a firm armless chair and about 6 square feet of open space. Strength training is just as helpful to the overall health of your spine but stretching could give you immediate pain relief.

Try Yoga for Back Pain

Think yoga isn’t for you? Think again. Far from a fad, yoga refers to a number of spiritual and exercise practices from the Indian subcontinent. The Americanized form of yoga generally leaves off any spiritual or religious references – but it includes the incredible knowledge of human physiology and wellness.

The best way to experience yoga is in an organized, in-person class. If those are unavailable or unfeasible for your personal mobility, online instructors are here to bridge the gap. Take this presentation on yoga and lower back health from registered nurse and yoga instructor Doreen Oberg. It’s just one example of the many resources available on the internet that focus on senior health.

Discover Healthier Living at Carnegie Village

The health and happiness of you or your loved one are our sole priority. That’s why our community has its very own yoga and fitness studios along with a dedicated therapy gym. They’re designed to accommodate all levels of ability and offer private training and instructor-led classes.

Our approach to holistic senior health extends to each offering at Carnegie Village. From nutritious dining to long-term care, we’re committed to providing the best senior living experience we can.

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